Ascension digs deep and expands with new promo cards (and the base game goes free)

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I hate to be presumptuous but you have to get Ascension now — Playdek have just made it free. Click right here, open up the App Store, and download it. Your boss isn’t looking, quick. Did you get it? High five.

Sorry for insisting, but you’ll forgive me once you start playing Ascension. It’s quite possibly the best game on iOS. If I was being shipped to a desert island and could only bring one game with me, it would be Ascension. I have close to 1000 multiplayer games under my belt, and there’s always a tournament going here on the forums. Ascension is the yardstick that every other multiplayer game gets measured up against.

Besides the base game being free for the time being, Playdek have also released a promo pack with three new cards for a dollar: the Ascension Temporal Excavator construct, the void hero Eternal Tormentor, and the Explosive Swarm monster card. I’m excited to see that construct in action as it seems to have required a significant tweak to the game board to accommodate.

Besides the new promo cards, Playdek have also cinched up all of the previously released content (all three expansions and three earlier promo card packs) into one five-dollar bundle.

Here I have to close with the caveat that Ascension multiplayer will be going away next year as one of the terms of Stoneblade Entertainment’s divorce from Playdek, so this is an app whose Logan’s Run jewel has turned red. But you can get more than your money’s worth of fun out of the game over the next ten months.

Once you get into Ascension (and you will, trust me), I recommend having a look at the Getting Better at Ascension series of articles at the sadly defunct Gamehead.

See the three new promo cards and watch a video of Ascension in action after the jump.

UPDATE: It looks like the new update breaks any existing Ascension games you had on the go. Playdek are aware of the problem and are pushing out a fix.

UPDATE 2: Some folks are saying that Ascension is now serving them in-game ads. If this is how Playdek is subsidising the free version of the game that’s all fine and dandy but what about those of us who paid for the base app, bought the expansions, and gotten Ascension tattoos? I’ve played a few games this morning and haven’t seen any ads, but I’ll drop a line to Playdek to see if I can get more details about this.