Compensate for your B.A. with Principia

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The boys at Pocket Gamer have uncovered a game that will let those of us with educations in humanities do something practical for once in our romantic, whimsical lives. Principia is a physics puzzler in the style of The Incredible Machine, but with real working electronics. It’s like a mobile Lego Mindstorms, or a nerdier Enigmo. There’s puzzles to solve and a sandbox mode as well. Apparently the workings are so intricate that you can make a fully functioning calculator. That might come in handy with some other games, even.

Principia has been out for Android since last year but it’s just materialised today for iOS. Watch the trailer after the jump to get a feel for it, but if you’re on the North American West Coast and haven’t had your morning stimulants yet, turn the volume down. The music in this trailer comes from a demonic hell-carnival.