Confirmed: The Inner World is beatable (probably)

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Owen asked me to have a look at how The Inner World is holding up since the adventure game received a much-needed patch the other day. A good three months after its release, and nearly two since Iweighed in on the bug-ridden iOS port of Studio Fizbin’s acclaimed PC adventure game, and I can now safely say that I’ve completed The Inner World, and that the game seems to be in a state where, well, it’s actually possible to finish it at all. “Most likely” possible, that is.

Bear in mind this is device specific (I’m on a 3rd-gen iPad), and that while the game is certainly in a better state than when first released, it’s still not bug free. I encountered a few more conversation-breaking hangups while working to reach the conclusion of this fine, fine tale, mostly when I made the innocent mistake of trying to activate something from the inventory while a character was talking. (Gods forbid!) Still, nothing that a quick reload—helped by The Inner World’s generous auto-saves—couldn’t fix.

Also bear in mind that this is, truly, an excellent game and story hampered primarily by technical issues. Our review reflected that, and it’s worth noting that, two months later, I’m most chiefly miffed by the fact that I had to wait this long to meet characters like the schizophrenic tour guide still manning the royal estate that’s full of petrified bodies, or the scores of same-faced, no-brained guards patrolling Asposia’s cavernous underbelly. The Inner World is a beautifully flawed place given a frustratingly flawed port to iOS—though less so, now. The game’s heavily discounted on the App Storeas of this writing.