Don’t call X-Men Days of Future Past a movie game, say devs

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Last week I heard from Glitchsoft, the makers of that perfectly-styled He-Man mobile game from 2012. The Canadian devs wanted to announce that they were putting the finishing touches on Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past for iOS and Android and that it would be available in May. Which very conveniently will land it right alongside the rush of promotion for Marvel’s Tyrion Lannister-starring X-Men film of the same name.

“I like the cut of your collective jib, Glitchsoft,” I said, “but nobody’s ever–ever–made a decent movie tie-in game. Forget it. It’s Chinatown.”

“Hold your horses, Faraday,” Glitchsoft said. “This isn’t a movie tie-in, it’s based on the classic early-80s comic book arc.”

That’s a cute answer, but I’ll take it. The game is a 2D side-scroller but the devs are boasting that Days of Future Past features “an immersive and story-driven game unlike anything available on mobile”. We can judge for ourselves this spring.