Go to DEFCON 2: First Strike launches next week

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Back at the beginning of February we caught our first glimpse of First Strike, a real-time strategy game about nuclear was that was equal parts beautiful and gut-wrenching. Swiss developers Feinheit (now working as Blindflug Studios) got in touch today to say that the game is done and releasing next Wednesday night for iOS and Android.

I’ve had access to a preview build of First Strike and I’m hugely impressed with it. Wizened old men like me shouldn’t shy away from it just because the game is an RTS. First Strike is a very board game-like affair that’s about planning and risk management and it’s perfectly playable even if you have the reflexes of a doped-up manatee, as I do.

I’ll have an in-depth review on release night next week. In the meantime, watch the First Strike trailer after the jump.