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Go to DEFCON 2: First Strike launches next week
christine Posted 03/04/2014
Back at the beginning of February we caught our first glimpse of First Strike, a real-time strategy game about nuclear was that was equal parts beautiful and gut-wrenching. Swiss developers Feinheit (now working as Blindflug Studios) got in touch today to say that the game is done and releasing next Wednesday night for iOS and Android.
Ascension digs deep and expands with new promo cards (and the base game goes free)
christine Posted 03/04/2014
I hate to be presumptuous but you have to get Ascension now — Playdek have just made it free. Click right here, open up the App Store, and download it. Your boss isn’t looking, quick. Did you get it? High five.
Mines of Mars excavates the App Store this week
christine Posted 03/02/2014
I know that we tend to regard touchscreen action games with the squinty suspicion that greets SyFy Channel original films and Ma Faraday’s Sunday roasts but I’ve had my eye on Crescent Moon’s Mines of Mars for quite a while now. This game combines the 2D mining ofMotherlode with a bit of Metroid-style action and it looks absolutely beautiful.
Confirmed: The Inner World is beatable (probably)
christine Posted 03/02/2014
Owen asked me to have a look at how The Inner World is holding up since the adventure game received a much-needed patch the other day. A good three months after its release, and nearly two since Iweighed in on the bug-ridden iOS port of Studio Fizbin’s acclaimed PC adventure game, and I can now safely say that I’ve completed The Inner World, and that the game seems to be in a state where, well, it’s actually possible to finish it at all. “Most likely” possible, that is.
The Reaper looks on the bright side of Death
christine Posted 03/01/2014
I’m not going to attempt to out-funny this trailer for The Reaper, because that’s a sucker’s game. But you should definitely watch this trailer for the forthcoming puzzler from Danish devs Kong Orange. It takes a page from Final Destination and has you setting up elaborate Rube Goldberg scenarios to help Death bag the souls he’s after. Death is also quite an enthusiastic dancer, it would appear.
Compensate for your B.A. with Principia
christine Posted 02/24/2014
The boys at Pocket Gamer have uncovered a game that will let those of us with educations in humanities do something practical for once in our romantic, whimsical lives. Principia is a physics puzzler in the style of The Incredible Machine, but with real working electronics. It’s like a mobile Lego Mindstorms, or a nerdier Enigmo.
NimbleBit’s Disco Zoo opens its gates Wednesday night
christine Posted 02/23/2014
A tiny pixellated raven landed here atop Mount Hexmap at thePocket Tactics Sinister Rookery and Family-style Fried “Chicken” just now with the news that Disco Zoo will be dropping this week. This is Pocket Planes maker NimbleBit’s first go at publishing somebody else’s game — Disco Zoo isbeing developed by Milkbag Games, of which 50% isTrainyard creator Matt Rix.
Upcoming Platformer 'Venture Kid' Looks Like it Would be Right at Home on the NES
christine Posted 02/22/2014
Every year mobile hardware gets more and more powerful, rivaling the cutting edge graphics found on dedicated gaming systems. And that's great, but, it's important to remember your roots too. That's why I think there are so many retro-inpsired games still being released.
It all adds up: Seanbaby’s Calculords arrives for iOS (UPDATED)
christine Posted 02/22/2014
When I spoke to legendary internet comedy writer Seanbaby last October, we were all tantalised by the prospect of his debut game Calculords: a collectible card game that is all about arithmetic. Don’t like math? Seanbaby would probably tell you to piss off.
StarCrawlers may bring sci-fi dungeon-delving to iPads
christine Posted 02/19/2014
You know how I keep spouting forth about first-person turn-based dungeon crawlers being the hot new thing? Here is yet another clue to throw onto the mounting pile of evidence for my assertions. Servants! [clap-clap] Come tend to the evidence pile! It grows precariously tall and I fear for our collective safety.