NimbleBit’s Disco Zoo opens its gates Wednesday night

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A tiny pixellated raven landed here atop Mount Hexmap at thePocket Tactics Sinister Rookery and Family-style Fried “Chicken” just now with the news that Disco Zoo will be dropping this week. This is Pocket Planes maker NimbleBit’s first go at publishing somebody else’s game — Disco Zoo isbeing developed by Milkbag Games, of which 50% isTrainyard creator Matt Rix.

Disco Zoo is interesting. It’s much more game-y than NimbleBit’s usual fare, as it’s mostly puzzles. But the imprimatur of NimbleBit is all over it: lots of collecting, lots of endearing pixel art, but also a lot of timers. And disco music.

NimbleBit say that an Android edition is en route and arriving this spring. I’ll remind you about this one Wednesday night when it hits the App Store.