Noodlecake’s next game for Android will be Another Case Solved, coming March 3rd

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Noodlecake Studios have announced what their next game for Android users will be and it is called Another Case Solved. This new game is something a little different than the normal release of iOS games being brought to Android by Noodlecake Studios. Usually we get more arcade style games but this one is an adventure puzzle game revolving around solving cases.

Players will be going around finding clues, solving cases and generally making everything better in their town. While you will have to solve these cases, you also have Match-3 puzzle mechanics meshed into the game as well. This is where you will find clues that you’ll need to put together to solve whatever case you’re on.

Another Case Solved Features:

- Create your own personalized detective and customize their look with outfits, props, and more.
– Match clues, identify suspects, track down hidden items – Another Case Solved features multiple styles of gameplay to keep detectives on their toes.
– Tons of story-driven cases to keep you hooked into this sugary sweet mystery.
– Take on minor cases in your spare time to keep yourself in business
– Transform your humble office into a vibrant workplace with new furniture that will increase your detective skills

This game is a pretty interesting take on the Puzzle-RPG genre, making it more of an adventure game instead. While we don’t have pricing information just yet, We do know this game will be arriving on March 3rd, 2014 onto Google Play.